Coaching Testimonials

Rachel Willcock

In my first 18 months of shooting I had been on a phenomenal learning curve but reached a point where I needed something/someone to work with my strengths (and weakness!), and take me to the next level.

Ed helped me to put in place a pre-cage routine which allows me to prepare for the targets with everything from feet position to hold point/break point. This routine has made me a much steadier and consistent shot, and has certainly had a positive effect on my performance.

Rachel Willcock – England Ladies Team


Wayne Martin

I had been shooting around 18 months when I decided to get in contact with Ed about coaching.  We arranged to meet at a shoot convenient for both of us, at no cost, so he could look over my shooting and take things from there. Instantly Ed spotted an error and suggested a couple of things that would make me more consistent on certain targets. I went away and practiced what we had spoke about with great success, so I decided to book some coaching with him. All I can say is Ed is absolutely first class! He recognised my strengths and weaknesses and worked with them, tuning my own style, rather than try to change the way I shoot.

My consistency has also improved, I’ve shot my first 90+ in competition (92) and several 90’s in practice. I know if I have a problem, he is on the end of the phone, or Facebook to answer any questions or give me some specific pointers. Although Ed is more than 3 hours from me, it’s not a problem in the slightest…over the last six months, we have met up at grounds all over the place, even my own local ground for some coaching. I would not go to anyone else. Thanks Ed.


Jeremy Baker

Having been shooting for four years I made the choice to move my shooting from local shoots to CPSA registered shoots with a view to improving my score average and Class position.

I asked around and having tried a few local coaches Ed was highly recommended to me. I contacted Ed initially by email, I was dealt with very professionally and having arranged a meeting,

Ed analysed my shooting during a casual uncoached round at Kibworth. We discussed what I wanted to achieve  and where I wanted to be with my shooting. From the outset Ed made his coaching easy to understand and most importantly easy to remember and replicate at Registered shoots.

My scores started to increase and my consistency improved with my lessons from Ed and I soon achieved my first placing with a third in C Class.

In 2014 I moved up to B Class and under Ed’s continued coaching I have shot personal bests in all my chosen disciplines.  This season I have achieved the following:

  • Northamptonshire County Sportrap Champion
  • Second in B class at the Clay Shooting Classic
  • Silver Category Quarter Finalist at the White Gold Challenge
  • Fifth in B-class at the British Open Sportrap
  • Seventh in B-class at the British Open English Sporting

I continue to work with Ed regularly and highly recommend him to all shooters.

James Netherton

I have been shooting for just under 2 years and I have had a couple of lessons at various clubs which I found to be overpriced and impersonal. My problem was that I lacked consistency. One day I could shoot well and the next day could be bad. Before my lesson Ed he asked me straight away what I wanted to achieve and what my goals where. He also researched my scores from the CPSA, so he knew what level I was at. I felt that he really wanted to structure the lesson around my needs, which is something that I have found that a lot of instructors lack.

Throughout the lesson I felt that he quickly understood my needs and picked up on what I was doing wrong and really helped me to develop a technique that helped me to be more consistent. I was really surprised how much my scores have improved since adopting the simple principles that Ed taught me. I had been struggling a little with FITASC before, but after the lesson I shot an 84 at Southdown and then a 91 at a sporting shoot, both were a PB of mine! I can honestly say my scores have increased and my shooting has become more consistent from Ed’s help. Thank you Ed!!



Jack Whitehouse – Clay Shooting Classic 2013 Junior Champion


For the past 18 months I had been shooting scores ranging from the mid 80s to the low 90s, but 3 months ago I went into a bad patch where if I put in a mid 80s score I was doing very well.
This demoralised me,  causing me to lose the confidence I used to have when I was putting in the high scores, this led to the mistake of being too slow & precise when making a shot, causing me to miss more.
At this point I had enough and contacted Ed, we met at a registered shoot for the first time and had a conversation before we went off to the course, talking about what had happened to me in the last 3 months goals which I have and he gave me a few soothing words to help relax me and Ed was giving me words of encouragement around the course to help build my confidence.
As a result I shot 88, the best score I had put in for a long while.
After this I booked a lesson with Ed and he helped me with my technique when making a shot, which has resulted in me being more consistent in each stand and helping me eliminate bad habits which I had built up.
During this period I went up to AA class and my first competition after this lesson was the Clay Shooting Classic where I put in a 135/150, where I utilised everything that Ed taught me, and as a result I won Juniors by a clear 10 targets and come 4th in AA class.
Ed has brought my confidence back and I am starting to enjoy my shooting again, and with his calm mind when he is coaching this encourages you to be calm when in the cage during competition, which is a major factor for success.
I already have more lessons booked with Ed as they are definitely without doubt a worthy investment, he is a new coach and new friend. :-)


Ian Grant

I’d been clay shooting for just over 2 years, my scores had levelled out and consistency was poor. I’d had a few lessons with other coaches, but nothing had clicked and I was starting to lose interest and enjoy shooting less and less.

Having read about Ed in the shooting press I decided to try a few lessons with him in a last ditch attempt to improve matters and I can say without reservation it’s been the best money I’ve spent on shooting so far.

I’ve had 3 lessons to date, with a 4th booked and I’m delighted with the progress made. I now have a far better grasp of how to approach each stand, assess the targets and create a plan before I even set foot in the cage and compared to 6 months ago I almost don’t recognise myself when I’m shooting!

My scores have improved, I’ve gone up a classification and most importantly I’ve started to enjoy it again!


Elizabeth Cook

Ed is a wonderful person to coach an unsure new shooter. After we had a disastrous first attempt with a terrible coach, Ed stepped in and made everything okay. He instilled confidence in the most nervous shooter, and then topped that by teaching the supposedly unteachable to break clays. Ed turned shooting from a horrible experience into something we can’t wait to do again.


Tariq Abbasi

I had been shooting for about 12 months and decided that I could do with some coaching to improve my scores. Being a CPSA clubman member I came across Ed Solomon 2014 FITASC Sporting World Champion. A genuine, down to earth and very helpful chap.
We met at a convenient shooting ground and Ed looked over my technique and form, from stance, movement and shot execution. After a few tweaks, I was amazed at the results, for instance, smashing a 40-yard crosser! Not only did Ed go through the mechanics of taking a shot ie ” The need for Lead ” etc but also more importantly the mental aspect something we tend to overlook.
Ed then gave me a tailor made plan designed specifically for me which I now follow and my scores have been improving.
Ed is definitely the real deal!