Ed Solomons in his own words…

I started shooting at the age of 13 when ill health prevented me from continuing with the contact sports I was particularly keen on.

I seemed to have an affinity for shooting from my first shots at Orston, and proceeded to spend any time that I was well enough shooting, which wasn’t always very often. This didn’t stop me reading and thinking about it though!

I progressed through the juniors with the odd prolonged break for hospital trips here and there, but achieved England badges for sporting, and major wins at events such as the British open sporting along the way.

Upon leaving the juniors I chose to focus on my own shooting, trying to make a name for myself in the much more competitive seniors category.

At the time, I was working as a labourer on a building site so had little time and money to spend on shooting, so I really focused on quality, not quantity practice, and developed a way of reading targets, and shooting specific presentations that worked best for me.  This was not based on one specific method, but a mix of techniques that helped me to achieve the specific goals that I was setting out.

Subsequently, I have won titles at both national and international levels culminating in the 2014 World FITASC championship, and plan to progress my own shooting further.

I have transferred this flexible approach into my coaching methods with very convincing results, as born out by my students performances, including championship wins and National team placings within 12 months of me working with students.

I can combine my technical approach, with the skills of Henry Hopking and Ed Lyons; the leading authorities in mental training and sports vision respectively, to create a whole package to maximise students potential. This has shown to be a popular option and has lead to some fantastic results.

I now have overseas customers from around the globe travelling to the uk several times a year to work on their shooting performance, as well as my regular UK client base for both clay and game shooting.

Feel free to say hi between lessons or after a shoot, I’m always happy to chat or discuss a shoot once I have finished!

Key Achievements

FITASC Sporting World Champion 2014,  England Sporting Team Captain in 2012 (winning team Gold Medal and Individual Bronze Medal) and twelve England Team Caps.

Past winner of the Clay Shooting Classic, British Open Sportrap Championship and multiple domestic titles.